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Feb 26

The special Issue published on International Journal Knowledge Management & E-Learning ( The authors represent their Methodological and Technological Vision and MOMA’ s Innovative Solutions introducing an integrated Human Capital Management system oriented to increase the value of the Key Factors of the Future Smart Cities.

From the Editorial:

… Salerno, Nunziante, and Santoro make a fundamental contribution toward the management and advancement of human capital in a Smart City. By applying ontological modeling of domain competences and following a learner and didactic orientation for the support of organizational processes, such as staff recruitment, targeted training, performance assessment, employee reward systems, skills inventory management, competence matchmaking, and know-how protection, the authors present the original MOMA integrated environment, which functional modules suit the organization as well as the individual, facilitating career path developments in a particular company, professional growth according to existing skills and acquisition of new skills thanks to tailored training programs …

… The authors identify the added value and the distinctive features of competence and skills development in a Smart City, which refer to the opportunity to exploit the quantity and quality of the knowledge resources, and look at the Smart City of the Future as the semantic-enabled evolution of the present Smart Cities. The research and development reflected in this paper serves as an incredible source for innovative competence management in Smart City organizations, and for system integrators eager to provide a reliable framework that enables the creative research, creation, combination, and delivery of high quality Smart City resources to precisely develop the Smart Citizens’ competences through informal learning applying effective semantic-based tools for information discovery and knowledge sharing …

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