We are an Italian company, beating the market for over 15 years, investing more than 30% of our resources in industrial Research, in particular in the field of knowledge management technologies.
We design, engineer and commercialize innovative technologies for renewing organizational processes, management of corporate knowledge assets and staff training. Thanks to our experience we can develop complex solutions within pre-existing information systems.



Our activity started in the early '90s as a spin-off from a Research Centre of the University of Salerno, whose mission was devoted to bring research outcomes achieved in the field of learning & knowledge technologies to the market. Throughout the years, we mostly focused on applied research and development of "intelligent" software solutions for the educational world and particularly Technology Enhanced Learning. Afterwards, we reaffirmed our identity as an Italian ITC company, valorizing competency and expertise in the areas of Semantic Technologies and Future Internet. In recent years we have characterized our Brand on the enterprise market, providing public and private organizations with technologies, services and solutions based on Semantics.


Guiding values

We believe in the following values, which are promoted both internally and externally our organization:

  • Commitment to research and innovation
  • Focus on the individual and the valorization of human capital exellence
  • Attitude toward customization of products
  • Continuous focus on customer's needs and satisfaction
  • Parallel evolution with partners and customers
  • Involvement and participation in company ownership and decision-making processes of our most talented employees



Our organization is characterized by a lean and efficient structure that is rapidly expanding and evolving in the national and international market, availing itself of the collaboration of experts and key individuals from the Research and Industry sector, and of a system of external scientific and industrial relationships.